Creative writing

Besides translating, I also write. In Spanish, that’s my native language, the language I talk in my dreams. I am having fun lately writing short stories and stand-up. I am also co-writing a script for a TV series. Even if it’s not for a project, I write every day three pages. Flow-writing, to keep the creative muscle flexible and strong.
I have published two educational books to learn Spanish for Coutinho, a Dutch publishing company: Primera Etapa and Segunda Etapa.
I worked for the Spanish TV, writing comedy sketches; check my IMDB profile.
Sometimes I take the stage and do a stand-up set in Spanish for La Risa Dam.
I just made a profile in Wattpad and published one of my many short stories. More will come.
I also have a Doméstika page where I share some of my creative projects in writing, drawing and other interests.